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Thanks to Tom Blair for his heartwarming article.

Beyond keeping score

In truth, nothing about matter, matters.

Yielding to God's plan

I heard this message: “How many times do I have to prove Myself to you? I have always been with you.”
Since divine Love is the source of a good rest, then no one needs to feel excluded from this peace.
“Man! I only got a 1450 on my SATs! I have to take them over again!” I heard this type of remark from friends and fellow students all the time in high school.

Forward steps for the Publishing Society

As The Christian Science Publishing Society prepares to take its next steps forward, it is helpful to pause in gratitude for the great progress already made, such as remarkable progress in the adoption of digital and Web-based publishing.
Spiritual Lens

Sweet renewal

“Sugaring off,” the collection of sap from maple trees and the making of maple syrup, is a precursor to spring in many parts of the United States and Canada.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
God’s man—the man and woman created in His image—exemplifies pure goodness.
The Touch of Class
Taking Primary class instruction in Christian Science changed everything in my life.
Your Daily Lift

Appropriate angels

“Angels are pure thoughts from God, winged with Truth and Love.
Last spring, we were playing Capture the Flag at my school.
Testimony of Healing

Back to the slopes

I ski very often, and occasionally with a group of my friends.
Testimony of Healing
Our family had an experience two years ago that led to a clearer understanding of God’s tender care for all His creatures.
Testimony of Healing
In my senior year in high school I decided that I wanted to continue in Christian Science in college.
Testimony of Healing
Not long ago I awoke on a Wednesday morning with a sore throat.
From the Editors

Are you good enough?

As the creation of God, your sufficiency and aptitude are the expressions of divinity in action.

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