I appreciate the article titled “No dis-appointment” by Andrew Wilson in the January 13 and 20, 2014, Sentinel. It reminded me of an experience back when our family took a trip through New England and Canada, with plans to witness a total eclipse. We ended up in a little town in Nova Scotia, sitting on a beach with hundreds of others. About a half hour before the eclipse was to take place, a huge cloud bank rolled in. The disappointment among the watchers was palpable, and I found myself wondering how to pray about this. I knew my prayer shouldn’t be asking God to let us see an eclipse. Then a gentle thought came to me—that God’s man is never disappointed. As a reflection of the all-loving Father-Mother, each of us is fulfilled and complete. I felt comforted by this angel message. Just minutes before the eclipse was to take place, the clouds opened up, and we all witnessed the spectacular event. The opening of the clouds was almost as exciting as the eclipse itself.

Recently, I’ve been praying about my mission in life, and the word appointment, which the author used, is pretty much synonymous with mission. Recognizing that each of us has an appointment from God will always dissolve any sense of disappointment. My mission in the above experience apparently was to bear witness to the truth of God’s presence and goodness. Thank you and all contributors for the wonderful insights shared in the periodicals.

Redemption and freedom from the past
February 17, 2014

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