Invest in what's important

Low cost. Even in languages other than English, those two words seem to be just about everywhere. Low-cost travel, services, goods ... so often it feels as if everything is approached in this manner. At first glimpse, that’s a fine mind-set—after all, who doesn’t want to pay less?

But this mentality also has some hidden aspects that can be detrimental to one’s own well-being and to humanity’s collective welfare. In the business world, there’s the danger of “cutting the branch where one is sitting” via cost-killing strategies that ultimately hurt investments. Few would argue with the concept that a “low-cost” approach can be detrimental when taken to extremes. How much better, instead, to have a virtuous circle of blossoming, a recognition of what investments produce the most good and enable individuals and economic activity to grow! It’s certainly worth considering the concepts of value and significance from a spiritual perspective.

February 17, 2014

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