Your life: safe and secure in God

Watching the news these days, we can sometimes find it difficult to feel quite safe amid all the headlines. Whether it’s the effects of war, illness, natural disaster, or violence, we may be tempted to believe that life is fragile and that man is a material being at the mercy of circumstance. But these reports, however dire, can never change the facts of being—that man’s life is spiritual, harmonious, and eternal. Through the years I’ve learned that when we are faced with the suggestion that life is temporary or fleeting, it is both necessary and uplifting to take a firm stand for the reality of the power and ever-presence of Life, or God. 

Some time ago, when my mother passed away quite suddenly, I turned to these truths about life, which I have always known. When I heard of my mother’s passing, my first thoughts included a quiet acknowledgment that while I could no longer see my mother, she was continuing on, growing in her spiritual understanding, and that she could never be separated from God, who is her Life. I was able to rejoice in the love our family had always shared. 

Victory as we overcome fear
December 15, 2014

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