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[“Teeth straightened through prayer,” Adrienne McWhorter, September 15, 2014, Sentinel]
Lead Article

To be an effective healer

I confronted head-on the aggressive and false suggestion that I couldn’t heal.
To me, Jesus was saying: “Give that loving cup and trust the outcome to God.”

Paul’s recipe for joy

Paul is unmistakably happy. He even sees his imprisonment as an opportunity to advance the gospel. 

Love’s promise

I began to silently declare that Love, which is a synonym for God, is eternally present.
Spiritual Lens

The night is far spent

In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
For centuries, the ancient Israelites believed that the only way they could be forgiven (or atone)
Primary Class Instruction
My encounter with Christian Science Primary class instruction came suddenly and spontaneously.

My healing on cookie delivery day

My name is Caitlin, and I am in the fifth grade.
Testimony of Healing

A perfect reflection

Some time ago a friend and I went kayaking in Northern California.
Testimony of Healing
Over the Christmas holiday one year, my extended family gathered together.
Testimony of Healing
A healing I had a few years ago while serving as First Reader at our branch Church of Christ, Scientist, brought me a lesson that has often been helpful.
Guest Editorial
Healing proceeds from the Christly impulsion to magnify and worship the one God.

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