How long will this take?

Someone asked me online why some healings through prayer take longer than others. Here’s my response from the heart, and from my own experience, which is the only way I can see to answer such a sensitive, and often angst-filled, question. Someone also asked if I thought healing through prayer is going on as readily and rapidly as it did in Christ Jesus’ day, or even a hundred years ago. This prompted me to list for myself, on paper, every “major” healing I have had. In the end I had quite a number—from walking pneumonia, to broken bones, to a growth in one breast. I left off the bouts of flu, colds, or family arguments that evaporated quickly after prayer.

As I reflected on these experiences, I realized that there are two ways one could tell their life-story. One is as the history of the catastrophes, large and small, that they have encountered, and how they have been overcome. The other is by tracing the thread of spiritual growth and revelations of God’s goodness that have unfolded through daily experiences with prayer. I think that what we focus on as our story line speaks directly to this question of “Why is my healing taking so long?”

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