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Thank you for your editorial, “Stop the hate; start the love,” in the April 22 Sentinel.

In the wake of tragedy

The evil crime was based on an erroneous concept—a belief in the absence of Love, God.
The very thought of God calms fears, stills complaint, and settles life's throes.
Divine Mind is speaking to and guiding each one of us. There is truly only one power—the power of love and good.
The practitioner reminded me that the false identity doesn't ever need fixing. It needs abandoning.

'Who does the nudging?'

The other day as I was driving from one appointment to another, the thought came that my job, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Northern California, was to be a kind of “nudge” to those I meet in the media and legislature, encouraging them, for instance, to see that health isn’t a condition of matter and that health care isn’t the exclusive domain of drug-based medicine.

Keep it simple

I walked out of the practitioner's office almost dancing—I had simply been healed.
Spiritual Lens

"For with thee is the fountain of life:"

Deer Isle, Maine
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

God's building

“Sometime we shall learn how Spirit, the great architect, has created men and women in Science.
How I Found Christian Science

'Heaven all the way to heaven'

I love the biblical assurance, “For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven”.

Trail running...with Love

I was expressing God through running, and His qualities can't be exhausted or run out.
Testimony of Healing

Free from skin discomfort

A year ago, I had a healing that wasn’t just a healing, but an enlightening lesson.
Testimony of Healing
One day several years ago, I began to feel a persistent pain in my chest.
Testimony of Healing

Rings recovered

I had just left my daughter’s bedroom, when I heard her say, “Oh no, oh no.
Testimony of Healing

Health on a plane

Several years ago, I took a cross-country flight from Boston to San Diego, California.
From the Editors

Mother's Day

Mother never gives up on Her loved ones.

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