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[“To end violence against women,” March 12 audio chat with Elise Moore]

'I shall not want'

Bible verses helped extricate me from the dread of being destitute.
I cannot explain the freedom and peace I felt as the fear left my thinking.

Numbers and life

All that comes from the source of infinite Life, God, is constantly and openly pouring forth to everyone.

Proclaim your innocence

The human mind sometimes tries to explain, excuse, or understand discord rather than to refute it.

The power of consent

When it comes to healing and spiritual progress, what is the bridge between hope and the achievement of some goal?
Spiritual Lens

Love's living artistry

the sun slowly sinks into the seaa flaming globe against the purest pink 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Often, the Gospels in the New Testament describe moral situations where Christ Jesus chooses atonement when others want to condemn.
The Touch of Class
The “call” to take Christian Science Primary class instruction can reach one in the most unusual locations and unexpected ways.
Lots of Laughs

Emergency call

My son Daniel, who is four years old, was playing firefighter in the living room when he asked his dad: “How can I make an emergency call?
God is good.

My Bible poem

Be forgivingI love studying the Bible in church.
Testimony of Healing

Burn quickly healed

Over the holidays this past winter, my wife and I hosted a dinner gathering at our house.
Testimony of Healing

Breathing heavenly air

It’s been proved to me that “man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.
Testimony of Healing

Dyslexia healed

It’s often said that fear is a state of mind.
Testimony of Healing
Several years ago, while our daughter was in the tenth grade, we learned from her that she was having difficulty seeing the chalkboard at the front of the class.
From the Editors

A lifetime of giving

Giving is more than having a big wallet, larger even than a big heart or sweet temperament.

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