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I have been reading the February 18 issue of the Sentinel, “To end all wars.

Safety in the air

The Christ is infinitely present to dispel fear for our safety no matter where we are.

No more regrets

Are we destined to live with anguished thoughts of regret, guilt, or grief? Do we struggle with memories of disappointments, missed opportunities, or unsatisfied longings?Must we believe we are doomed to live with troubling thoughts that stain our sense of self-worth, keep us trapped in the past, and prevent us from making progress on our spiritual journey? That would certainly not be a sentence imposed by God on His beloved daughters and sons.
The prayer of a righteous man or woman is the most powerful force on the planet for healing victims and preventing crime.

Active employment

God's care not only heals fear, but also generates action on constructive ideas.
"Be still, and know that I am God" is not simply an instruction to follow when faced with a challenge. It's a description of our real state of being.
Items of Interest
In a recent New York Times story, seven Newtown police officers give a firsthand account of the carnage they found inside Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14.
Spiritual Lens
Oh, such a sightGod’s love inspires!Truth’s vast flaming sword all hatred expires.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Test every thought

Profound questions help students think deeply, discovering new insights and powerful truths.
How I Found Christian Science
Before our marriage, my future husband and I had been struggling with a problem: We had different religious affiliations and we wanted to have children, but how should they be baptized?
Hello! I want to tell you about a healing through prayer that I had two years ago.
Testimony of Healing
Last summer my husband, son, and I rented a condo for a week at a ski resort in Colorado.
Testimony of Healing

Flu symptoms healed

It wasn’t my finest hour—a full week out sick with flu symptoms, flat on my back in bed, unable to sing and thus to work.
Testimony of Healing

Moving freely again

A few years ago, I seriously injured my ankle in a bicycle accident.
Testimony of Healing

No more migraines

One of the reasons I have been reluctant to submit this testimony is that it seemed too simple.
From the Editors
Today, women—even in repressive cultures—are striving to exhibit the virtuous woman's qualities.

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