Several generations of healing

My family has been experiencing the benefits of Christian Science for generations. I would like to share a few healings from our family history that have been particularly inspiring. 

My mother, who lived to be 103, studied the Christian Science Bible Lessons and prayed daily. One day, while preparing to deep-fry potatoes, she tipped smoking-hot fat over the back of her hand, from the wrist to the tips of all her fingers. The pain was so intense she asked for prayerful help from a Christian Science practitioner. Within minutes of the call, the pain was completely gone and never returned. She bathed that night and was able to put her hand in the water without discomfort. Later she showed me the extent of the burn by removing a white glove she used to hide it from view. Underneath was blackened skin. When this fell off naturally, the new skin beneath was unscarred and perfect. You could not tell which hand had been burned, as they were identical.

My sister Barbara experienced many healings through her study of Christian Science. Once she was very ill with what appeared to be a liver problem. She had yellow skin, could not eat, and lost weight over a long period. Many voiced their concern for her survival. When she was confined to her bed, too weak and dizzy to get up, my wife stayed with her and rang Barbara’s Christian Science practitioner, who came immediately from 40 miles away to see her. He talked with her for about an hour, and as my sister told me later, he spent much of that time allaying her fears with many statements from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. As he left, Barbara got up from her bed, dressed herself, and was well immediately, walking about and engaging in normal activities. She soon regained her usual weight and was never troubled again with that disease.

Testimony of Healing
No more alcohol
February 18, 2013

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