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I’d like to thank Glory Holzworth for her excellent article on Christly discipline of children in the September 30, 2013, Sentinel [“God’s children—responsive, not rebellious”].


God alone is man’s true light and Life.

Well connected

The urge to be technologically connected is often an expression of the inherent urge to be loved, appreciated, relevant, included.

Losing a 'closed mind'

Love is much bigger than human emotions, and Truth is much bigger than intellect or carefully chosen words.
Items of Interest
On the evening of September 24, three members of the Christian Science Committee on Publication’s US Federal Office were joined by Kevin Ness.
Spiritual Lens
What did Peter thinkwhen he received that message,that earnest, anguished requestto not delay, to hasten to Joppabecause Dorcas, whom they loved,had died?
You might say that the title of this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, “Everlasting Punishment,” is a hot topic! At least it is for those who fear fire and brimstone at a final judgment.
How I Found Christian Science

A deeper kind of study

I was a university student, sitting on the back of a Cadillac convertible, when I first saw the words Christian Science.
Bible Translations: Old & New

For understanding and fresh insight

I own 17 translations of the Bible, two that include the New Testament only and The Word, which is a collection of 26 translations.
Bible Translations: Old & New

Fresh views on light

I own multiple Bible translations.
Right after Christmas vacation last year, my school named me class leader based on my grades and my behavior, although I am the youngest pupil in my class.
Testimony of Healing

Lump on wrist healed

A number of years ago, a small lump appeared on the inside of my left wrist.
Testimony of Healing

No more debilitating headaches

When I was 16 years old, I attended a summer camp in Colorado for young Christian Scientists.
Testimony of Healing
In the fall of 2009, I began playing badminton for two hours a day, twice a week.
Testimony of Healing

Hemorrhage stanched

A friend of mine once mentioned that a uterine infection had left her bedridden for days, and she had taken antibiotics for many weeks.
From the Editors
Such prayers uplift humanity and put the weight of thought and desire on the side of good.

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