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In regard to the February 20 Sentinel, “Hymns and healing,” I have often said that if circumstances were ever such that I could only have one spiritual text at my disposal, I would choose the Christian Science Hymnal.

At home in God's love

Recently, a piece of good news caught my attention.
Items of Interest
Thomas Jefferson, together with several of his fellow founding fathers, was influenced by the principles of deism, a construct that envisioned a supreme being as a sort of watchmaker who had created the world but no longer intervened directly in daily life.
Items of Interest
The Presidents of Churches Together in England.

Love is reflected in home

Home, as an awareness of divine Love, is actually built into one's spiritual identity.

A clear sign

When this author obeys an unusual message, she finds what she needs.

After the fire: how I prayed

Prayer was just as essential to home restoration as a trunk full of tools.
Several years ago, my husband took a new job that necessitated a move from a house that we dearly loved in the mountains of New Hampshire.
God's resources are inexhaustible and available to each of us, even in tough economic times.
During a time of emptiness and fear, this author searched for answers to this question.
A student changes his approach when bulking up for baseball season isn't going well.

And God said...

Beloved,just like Meyou’ve been made to be!To loveand to heal!In and of Me you’re made to be.

Mountain bike prayers

This teen finds spiritual clarity during a muddy mountain bike race.
Church Alive

The warmth of church

I don't feel that I have to follow some set script–the point is to glorify God!
How I Found Christian Science

My heart sings

What Christian Science awoke in me was the expression of gratitude.
Sentinel Watch

Safe investments

God is communicating to us every moment. At one per second that's 86,400 times per day!
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

God's work is perfect

God's "perfect work" underlies all reality. 
Testimony of Healing

Running without pain

I was almost out the door.
Testimony of Healing
I would like to share the first healing I experienced in Christian Science many years ago.
Testimony of Healing
I went hiking on a strenuous mountain path one day last year, and came home with a painful ankle.
From the Editors

As murder rates fall

It is native to us all to move toward that which is peacemaking, and shift away from that which is violence-fostering.

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