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Thank you for keeping the Sentinel so fresh—particularly the October 17 issue [“Judging rightly].

An answer of peace

In the second of two books issued in 1922 and 1947 by The Christian Science Publishing Society on the Church’s wartime activities, it’s pointed out that “.
Items of Interest
By the time early church scholar St.
Items of Interest
In the fall of 1989, I arrived as a student at the Royal London Hospital medical college, part of the University of London.
We can all draw nearer to God in any situation.

My prayer in Pakistan

A Pakistani woman tells how she is praying for peace in her own country and the world.

Safe in combat

A World War II veteran tells about the protective armor prayer provided in life-threatening experiences.

Sky-high prayer

Would the parachute open? A former US Army Airborne Soldier tells his story.

Expectancy and comfort

The frost nipped the bud,But other buds promise
If you’re feeling discouraged by partisanship and ineffective government, Jesus’ teachings offer up a stable, progressive, and unified model for government in the spiritual concept of “the kingdom of heaven.” Go deeper with this article.
After the man walked past, I realized that this was the moment where that spiritual love was needed.

Three great challenges in the next decade

Five distinguished Boston University School of Theology alumni discuss some challenges of the next decade.

To master the challenge

We each gain tremendous satisfaction in overcoming limitations, don't we?
Church Alive

Healing services

After the service I spoke to the First Reader, telling him of my healing. He said he chose the hymn and worked his readings around the ideas within the lyrics.
How I Found Christian Science

It began with one idea

The practitioner became a lifelong friend and mentor, and over the years, I developed a strong desire to heal as he did.
Sentinel Watch

To defeat evil intentions

We should never underestimate the power of this spiritual impulsion to do good. 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Identity grounded in Soul

How vital not just to believe, but to understand our spiritual identity.
Testimony of Healing

An angel message heals

The first time I attended a Christian Science Sunday school, I was about five years old.
Testimony of Healing

Protected during wartime

As I think of how I can prayerfully support the men and women serving today in the armed services in theaters of action, I’ve found it helpful to recall the wonderful protection I had during my tour of duty in World War II.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of painful, swollen foot

I have had many healings through the study of Christian Science.
From the Editors

Keep expecting good

Optimism has its virtues, but the real need is to go beyond trying to solve our problems from the basis of a limited human perspective.

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