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'God does not afflict'

Some years ago, quite suddenly, whenever I'd have to go to the bathroom, there would be evidence of intestinal bleeding. It would stop for a while, but would recur. The situation frightened me, and I started wondering, "What if ...?" But I had just accepted an invitation to give a series of lectures on Christian Science, which involved going around the world on a three-and-a-half-month tour. I was very much looking forward to this work.

Because I was so used to turning to prayer when challenges arose, and finding healing, I began to pray about the condition. It didn't occur to me to have it diagnosed medically. From the time the condition first occurred, I prayed to perceive more clearly the truth that my identity was spiritual—in and of God. I mentally affirmed that, as the image of God, whom Mary Baker Eddy defined in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as Spirit, Love, Mind, I was created with no flaw in me, on me, or about me. This condition hadn't come from God—therefore I didn't have to accept it as true. It had no validity and no power over me whatsoever.

As the time to leave on the trip approached, I continued to pray. I knew that no bodily malfunction or disturbance could stop me from doing good work. Letting spiritual understanding guide me, I saw that the divine Mind was in full control of this tour, as well as of my health and well-being. As I persisted in the prayer of holding my thoughts to these spiritual facts, my fear left me, and I went ahead with preparing for the trip.

Testimony of Healing
A life improved
November 15, 2004

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