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What comes to mind when you hear or read the word technology?


How significant!
Items of interest

Items of interest

"Roughly 6,500 Teenage Girls from around the world [will participate] in the Acteens convention this week.
Spiritually speaking, you can remain squarely in charge of your life, without surrendering the convenience of your computer or cell phone.

Something better to depend on

No matter how advanced your modern conveniences become, God will always be the ultimate source of security, progress, and healing.

'How may I help you?'

When staffing a computer help-line, a woman comes to the realization that calm politeness and stock answers to problems aren't enough. She has to bring her prayer into the picture.
Faced with the need to find work in his field and the right home for his growing family a young Brazilian father learned to trust God and follow His leading.

'Why God has me in this business'

Read how producer Elizabeth Avellan found her spiritual purpose in a place that's often considered tough and materialistic: the Hollywood film industry.
When you're relying on spiritual healing, you're never hindered by the fact that people might be looking on to see what happens.
Smoking seemed to be part of who she was. But even this woman's strong craving for cigarettes proved no match for the power of spiritual self-knowledge.

Bend it toward God

The new Association Football.

You can be sure

I wakened, fearful, in the dark,But did not seek a lamp.

Pause to remember, move toward freedom

Many WILL BE PAUSING this week to remember the events of September 11, 2001.
Testimony of Healing

Respiratory infection overcome

Being 3,000 miles from home couldn't prevent me from feeling the power of Spirit.

Testimony of Healing
My early teenage years were devastated by my parents' divorce.
We invite readers to submit testimonies of healing for publication.
Your healing ministry is valuable and in demand.
FROM THE editors

No one has to wait for breaking news to accept the assignment of praying to see God's good will done.

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