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The rising South

THAT LOOKS LIKE A SERIOUS BOOK," my dental hygienist said.


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items of interest

items of interest

"JESUS WOULD HAVE MADE one heck of a linebacker.

CHRISTIANITY on the move

It's a phenomenon of profound significance for Christians. Author Philip Jenkins says there's a sea change taking place right now in the global community, marked by a shift of balance to the Southern Hemisphere—and an emphasis on forms of worship and healing reminiscent of the early Church.

Sweet Liberia

One who has lived in Liberia and loved it offers spiritual insight on how to pray about that country's current troubles.

Moved by the Spirit in Kenya

A first—person account of growing up in an African mission church and how new insights into the Bible helped spread messages of hope and healing.
Mayal Tshiabuila talks about the history of Christian Science in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the changing religious landscape in its capital and the provinces.

Pastor Hélio brings Christian healing to the neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro

INTERVIEW WITH PASTOR HELIO FERREIRA BRAGA A talk with a Pentecostal minister in Brazil, whose church ministry focuses on healing through prayer.
EACH SUMMER WHEN I WAS A BOY, there was nothing I looked forward to more than spending a couple of weeks with my grandparents.

Prayer for refugees

IMPOVERISHED AND CRUELLY TREATED people around the world are crying out for the right to live in peace—for liberty and justice.
Testimony of Healing

It was then that I asked God to prove that there is no evil in Him—to prove it in my life.

Testimony of Healing
During the 26 years that I've been studying Christian Science and relying on the understanding of God that it presents, I've had many healings of physical difficulties through prayer alone.
Testimony of Healing
Ever since I was a child, I remember my mother saying that she and my father had weak teeth and, for this reason, that my sister and I would have to suffer from the same problem.
If you're seeking healing, public practitioners of Christian Science are ready to assist you.
There is a climate change underway that is more certain and yet less understood than global warming.

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