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Have you ever had that urge to drop everything you're doing and just pick up a paintbrush to splash onto paper the colors of the morning sunrise—or maybe play the guitar, plant some roses, or crank up the CD player and dance just for the sheer joy of dancing?


You never cease to amaze me with your timely articles.
items of interest

items of interest

"As part of a long-term program to usher in change in the mindset of convicts serving sentences in jails, [the] Maharashtra [state] government [in india] has introduced a series of lectures by prominent spiritual leaders to be delivered in various prisons, the state's junior minister for prisons, Kripashankar Singh, said.
No matter where you find yourself in the creative process, God is the great Artist the creative source of all the good you express.

Conversation on an awakening

Actress and writer Akuyoe Graham says music has a source that's not of our own creating—it's a gift from "the Father of lights."

At work for the good of it

The entertainment industry is notorious for being a tough and sometimes materialistic environment. But Georgia Engel, who has worked in theater and network television for decades, finds it a fertile spiritual proving ground.


For a few years, everything I worked on in the entertainment industry was mediocre or third rate at best.

Always trying for the best she can do

Edna Hibel spends most of her waking hours immersed in the painting and lithography that she loves—much of her work emphasizing the great importance of nurturing the children of the world.


Must we lend a handto guide the orbiting moon?

Psalm: God's beauty

Thou art beautiful, oh Lord, my God,Beautiful beyond the mortal dreamThat feebly imitates infinity:Blind atoms hurtle aimless through the voidOf solid matter; and gadding galaxiesCavort in billion-year-long cartwheelsThrough vacuous immensities of space;More beautiful than helical capriceOf molecules entwined in DNA.


Shortly after the terrorist bombing of 1998 in Omagh, Northern Ireland, the homeland of the author of this poem, Brian Kissock, recorded these words as a healing response to the grief that followed—including his own for several good friends who were lost in that tragedy.

Strings of the heart on I-84

Read how a stranded performer used his talent to help travelers on a traffic-choked Connecticut highway.
A look into the illusive nature of physical illness.

Leading a life of 'superclarity'

Are you leading a conventional life—or is it "high definition"?

Beneath the stereotype

He fit the stereotype of a terrorist perfectly: Middle Eastern, dark complexion, heavy Arab accent.
Testimony of Healing

A healing of anorexia

I was sure I would always be that geeky girl no one wanted to talk to.

Testimony of Healing
I have been retired from my job as an airline pilot for eight years.
Testimony of Healing

'Finally, I belonged'

When I was 17, my parents told me I was adopted.
Are you interested in hearing more about how Christian Science heals and changes people's lives for the better?
A long time ago, in the first or second grade, the music teacher came in and gave us all a test.

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