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On wings of prayer

When I Stepped Off the plane about nine o'clock that blizzard-swept night many years ago at Dulles Airport in Washington, D.


Thank you for the helpful AIDS issue.
items of interest

Items of interest

Signs a few miles from the Quecreek mine in Sommerset, Pennsylvania.

Secure in God's presence

In the days immediately following the attacks of 9/11, a daughter and her parents had to decide whether she should take her scheduled international flight—the first one to leaver Bombay once the US airports reopened. Prayer brought the answer—and peace of mind for each of them.

Safer skies

A veteran pilot and his wife talk about confronting the challenges of air travel and raising children in a security-conscious world.
How do you respond when the man sitting beside you shows you something that really should have been detected by airport security?

Fighting fires with God

When danger, confusion, and urgency reign, is it possible to remain calm and listen for God's clear direction? This veteran firefighter found safety and inner peace in just such situations.

The initiative represents another step in bridging the gap between science and religion.


epilepsy HEALED through prayer

Does epilepsy have to be considered incurable? Not according to this author: As he grew spiritually, symptoms of the disease disappeared permanently.

Piranhas and guppies

My guess is that piranhas and guppies don't share habitat in the wild.

----100 years ago

Excerpts from what we were publishing a century ago.
There are two very practical spiritual steps you can take when a child is missing:
Testimony of Healing

It was as if I had discovered a whole new world of Spirit.

Testimony of Healing
One day while I was picking fruit I took a serious fall from a ladder.
Testimony of Healing
We had an experience with a young man coming into our life.

Can we summon the intelligence and spiritual sinew to meet these fears and suspicions head-on?

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