Why are people interested in spirituality?

THE reasons, no doubt, are as individual as the people themselves. But one thing is clearly evident: millions of people throughout the world are feeling the need for a spiritual dimension in their lives—even feeling that it is essential to their well-being.

An interest in spirituality often emerges when there is dissatisfaction with one's life experience. One wonders if there isn't more to life than what appears on the surface. Something more noble. That transcends the baser instincts. That is truly good. Something that can empower one to help relieve the suffering that plagues humanity. To such a seeker, the very possibility of a spiritual dimension to existence is often a quickener of hope. He or she may then begin to explore various avenues for learning about spirituality. The Holy Bible and, in particular, the gospel accounts of the example and teachings of Christ Jesus have proved to be a tremendous resource of inspiration for many searchers.

August 11, 1997

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