Sharpening our spiritual senses?

Practical spiritual truths—honestly applied—can bring healing.

Not long ago a friend remarked to me: "I think it's important to sharpen our spiritual senses daily." "Sharpen our spiritual senses"? No, we both knew that the spiritual senses of man need no improvement of any kind. Whatever is spiritual is forever perfect. It can never grow dull, dim, age, be lost, or destroyed. But the so-called physical senses often appear to do any and all of these things. What my friend was actually recommending was that we more consistently exercise our spiritual discernment and understanding. This, in turn, can improve and sharpen our human faculties.

After the conversation with my friend I decided to try some sharpening. As I did, I found myself constantly attacking the same target: old age! A statement in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy came clearly to my thought. She writes, "The acute belief of physical life comes on at a remote period, and is not so disastrous as the chronic belief."

Do your tomorrows ever come?
May 10, 1993

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