To be a Christian Scientist is to demonstrate the teachings...

To be a Christian Scientist is to demonstrate the teachings of Christ Jesus in one's daily life. There have been many healings and demonstrations of God's ever-presence that I remember over the years; here are two that have been especially meaningful to me and for which I am most grateful.

For several of my high-school and college years I had warts on my hands that were not healed by my prayers. Since I had grown up as a Christian Scientist, I had opportunities to see many quick healings from physical problems. Our family always relied on prayer for healing of disease, injury from accident, financial and other difficulties. However, the warts persisted. By the time I entered the Army in 1969, the condition was quite noticeable and I was very self-conscious about it. While I was at Officer Candidate School, a senior officer said that I needed to have the warts removed. He showed me scars on his hands where warts had been surgically removed.

That did it! I decided it was time to demonstrate for myself that Christian Science is effective in healing. I called my mother, who was a Christian Science practitioner. She understood the situation and agreed to pray for me.

December 14, 1992

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