All are God's children—a look at prejudice

Prejudice can have deep roots, but the love of God goes deeper. A Christian Scientist talks about his odyssey from prejudice to love.

Recently I picked up a copy of the hefty Sunday edition of our local newspaper, and in the first section alone there were four news items having to do with prejudice and its effects. The byproducts of prejudice and prejudicial thinking are harmful to everyone, and every sincere thinker, every humble servant of the one God who is all good, can help in removing this burden from individuals and society.

One dictionary defines prejudice in part as "preconceived judgment or opinion ... an opinion or leaning adverse to anything without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge." This kind of prejudicial thinking not only limits our outlook and access to new and helpful ideas and experiences, but it can also lead to inhumane treatment of our fellowman. Ethnic, racial, religious, and class prejudice often result in discrimination in one form or another and can end in brutality, murder, and even genocide. In some countries of the world today, this kind of discrimination is illegal, in others it is not; but in any case, it is hardly the way of life Christ Jesus showed us. Because it is wrong, an error of thinking, it can be healed through scientific right reasoning and the power of Truth and Love.

Teens and parents and prayer
October 13, 1986

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