One morning I woke to find that I was seeing two...

One morning I woke to find that I was seeing two of everything. Since I wear eyeglasses, I went to see an optometrist. He informed me that my eyes had become crossed, and urged me to have a physical checkup to determine the cause. Recalling the many healings I'd had in Christian Science over the past fifty years—healings of apparent appendicitis, chronic colds, abscessed ears, a painful back injury, a skin disease, to name a few—I knew that Christian Science would heal me now. A Christian Science practitioner agreed to help me through prayer, and I was quickly healed of the double vision.

However, instead of accepting the healing as complete and rejoicing in it, I began to speculate on the cause of the trouble. As a result, I opened the door for harmful suggestions to come in.

October 26, 1981

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