Keeping up appearances

Constant preening or a preoccupation with fashion and personal grooming can conceal real beauty and grace. Maintaining a natural, normal appearance is certainly appropriate; but the kind of attention that approaches a worship of the physical body needs rethinking. Realizing more of man's true spiritual nature as the beautiful expression of Soul can help free us from an overburdening concern about outward appearances.

Much of today's mass media and commercial advertising promotes an artificial standard or norm for physical beauty and attractiveness. The public spends much time, money, and misdirected energy hoping to get hold of this glamorous ideal; but the standard is unrealistic. Most of us don't measure up to the physical appearance commonly portrayed as beautiful. So the resulting frustration and feelings of inadequacy drive many to a low estimation of their own worth. Still, the come-on continues—and more time and resources are wasted trying to achieve some artificially created "look." To heal this false emphasis on materiality requires surrendering material self-absorption and accepting a more spiritual standard for thinking and living.

Why do I exist?
August 20, 1979

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