We Can Understand Christian Science

Have you ever thought, "Oh, I just can't understand what I am studying in Christian Science; I'm not getting the sense of what it really means, and it's just words"? Whether we are very new students or have studied for several years and are feeling a temporary lack of inspiration, this is the time to declare firmly and know that, in reality, we are the children of God, divine Mind, Love, and that we do understand the truth.

Since our Father-Mother God is Mind, He expresses Himself through spiritual ideas, not matter. As God's children we are the outcome of His knowing; our real identity or selfhood is created by the divine Mind. This pure, spiritual reflection is innocent and free and includes nothing that is not in the consciousness of God. As we start from this spiritual standpoint and acknowledge who we really are, our human experience will coincide more closely with what is divinely true. When we willingly yield up the belief that we have a mortal identity with a finite mind and personal intelligence, we are freed from the limits on our understanding that our own belief has imposed.

A Few Moments Can Be Important
February 21, 1970

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