Christian Science has been the way of Life for me

Christian Science has been the way of Life for me. As a little girl of four, I started attending a Christian Science Sunday School. At the age of nine I had an instantaneous healing of a broken finger while reading the Lesson-Sermon from the Quarterly. My father, who had been an osteopath before taking up the study of Christian Science, diagnosed it as broken. In one citation from that particular lesson, Mrs. Eddy states (Science and Health, p. 402), "In Science, no breakage nor dislocation can really occur." This is the only citation I recall, but when the lesson was finished, the finger was healed. That clear proof of God's law in operation has been an inspiration for other healings through the years, and I am deeply grateful for the experience.

One day, several months after the passing of a loved one, I was so filled with grief and despair that I no longer cared to go on living. I managed to conceal my depression from others until late in the afternoon, when I was overcome with a great deal of pain around my chest. I seemed unable to pray for myself, and asked my daughter to read to me from Science and Health. She was fearful, and after reading a few minutes she suggested I call my Christian Science teacher for help. This I did, and as soon as I told her I was in great pain, she asked, "What morbid thoughts are you harboring?" When I told her how depressed and forsaken I felt, and why, she started speaking the truth to me. I wish I could remember her words, but it took a few minutes for them to penetrate the cloud of self-pity surrounding me. But penetrate they did, and the true facts of Life she spoke so lovingly made me realize how erroneous my thinking had been. As she talked, I had the feeling of awakening from a nightmare, and suddenly I was aware that the pain had gone.

Testimony of Healing
Some thirty years ago I married a student of Christian Science
February 21, 1970

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