"Settled in heaven"

EVERY question of what to do and how to progress must be settled in the heaven of Mind, which is truly here and now, and not in matter or by material means. The solution for every sense of difficulty, whether it be physical, social, commercial, or international, lies in Mind, in divine intelligence manifest as harmonious action. Each one, then, who relies on infinite Mind for himself, finds here his solution for any seeming discord, his heaven of spiritual order, which includes no element of destruction, for the true kingdom of heaven is Mind's government of man in perfect harmony. The understanding of Mind as the only producing and governing power, supervising all true living, is the realization that the word of God is forever present to heal, and this understanding is what constitutes the practice of Christian Science. As Mrs. Eddy says on page 267 of "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany," "Heaven is the reign of divine Science," and this Science, or demonstrable understanding of Principle, is indeed settled, steadfast, sure. "For ever, O Lord," the psalmist declares, "thy word is settled in heaven."

The genuine settlement for a seemingly physical difficulty is the healing which proceeds from the divine consciousness of spiritual good, spiritual action, as the reality of living. Until a false condition is healed by being replaced with the true idea expressing Principle, nothing is really settled, for the divinely settled order of spiritual health or wholeness is all that can be satisfactory to the seeker for the truth as the healer of all sense of disease. This healing, which displaces false beliefs with the genuine joy, peace, and vigor of spiritual idea, comes about inevitably through the consecrated practice of Christian Science. No human philosophy, no so-called natural science, no system of material medication, has ever brought about the all-pervasive spiritual healing which is the only real healing in every sense of the word. So the need for each one who seems disturbed, distressed, or harassed by suggestions of trouble of one kind or another is to rely patiently, without any mental reservations whatever, on infinite Principle as revealed and actually demonstrated through Christian Science.

June 11, 1921

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