For years I suffered from hay fever

For years I suffered from hay fever. A little less than seven years ago I had a particularly bad attack of it and the physician advised me to try a change of climate. In care of a nurse I was placed on board the train at our little railway station and in due time was landed at a noted resort for hay fever patients. Contrary to expectations I did not improve at once. I was emaciated, nervous, had paroxysms of coughing, and breathed with difficulty. One evening while lying on a couch in the parlor of the hotel where we had taken up our quarters, the landlady came in with a book in her hand, and sitting down near me, inquired if I had ever read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. I answered that I had purchased a copy some time ago but could not understand it and had laid it aside without any further thought; that I had purchased it to satisfy my curiosity and since that was accomplished I had no further use for the book. "You did not go far enough," said the lady. "My experience would have been quite similar had I not persisted in my effort to find the meaning of the wonderful book; for it is wonderful, in every sense of the word. I myself put the book aside as you have done, but a good friend induced me to take it up again. I did so and bless the day that I followed her advice." Not wishing to appear discourteous, especially to one who was endeavoring to do me a kindness, I complied with her request to read the book again I began at the first page and read until bedtime. I forgot my indisposition. I went to bed and slept like a healty baby, something I had not done for years, and awoke next morning ready for my breakfast, of which I partook heartily. I again took up Science and Health, which I read and studied at intervals during the ensuing week, at the end of which time I had no symptoms of hay fever, and in company with my nurse, who had become a happy convert to Christian Science, returned home and gave my anxious family a great surprise, for I was not expected home for at least two months. I have not had hay fever since, and I am grateful for a knowledge of the truth.

William A. Davis, San Jose, California.

June 11, 1921

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