Christian Science is prophylactic as well as therapeutic,...

Christian Science is prophylactic as well as therapeutic, that is, preventive as well as curative. I know this to be true, for since I was six years old, when my mother became interested in Christian Science, I have never used medicine nor obeyed so-called material laws, and I have grown increasingly healthy and happy. This is not accidental, or, as some one once suggested to me, due to the fact that Christian Scientists are "just lucky." Rather, it is the result of a definite and certain law, the "law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus," which is made understandable through Mrs. Eddy's explanations.

Occasional illnesses, such as colds, headaches, acute indigestion, have been readily overcome, leaving only renewed confidence and thanksgiving in the proved realization that we can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth us. One night when a practitioner's help was asked for relief from intense internal pain, the agony stopped instantaneously as I was leaving the telephone. Such a sure and sudden result is not "coincidence," but instead a demonstration, a proof of the ever presence of God, who is Love. It exalts into that glorious freedom which the Bible tells us is promised to the sons of God. I am very glad that Mrs. Eddy has revealed to us that man is indeed the Son of God, and has shown us how simple it is for us to come into our birthright of peace and joy.—(Mrs.) ISABEL ABBOTT JUERGENS, New York, New York.

Signs of the Times
June 11, 1921

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