My interest in Christian Science was first aroused when...

My interest in Christian Science was first aroused when a friend turned to it for healing. The interest, however, was prompted by the desire to dissuade that one from pursuing the study of Christian Science, and arguing that this Science was but another false doctrine, and not in accord with the Scriptures. But as my prejudices and preconceived opinions had been formed entirely from remarks made by people antagonistic to Christian Science, I determined at least to be fair and to investigate the matter for my own satisfaction. About that time an invitation to a Christian Science lecture was received. At this lecture, it was made clear to me for the first time that the real man is not made up of matter, blood, bones, et cetera, but that he is spiritual, the image and likeness of God, divine Principle, and that as God is spiritual, His image or reflection must likewise be spiritual. The understanding, also, that Jesus was the human concept and Christ the divine idea set at naught the old denominational belief that Jesus was God. A copy of the Sentinel which was given to me was read eagerly from cover to cover. The sections which made the deepest impression at the time were that devoted to testimonies, which seemed so sincere, and the one then called "Selected Articles." The arguments refuting false accusations were so clearly and logically set forth that it left no room for further questioning as far as I was concerned and only created the desire to know more of the healing power of this Science and how the healing was accomplished. "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy was procured, and, as in the case of so many others, it was found to be the truth,—the truth, indeed, whereof Pilate inquired of Jesus.

Not many months after this an occasion arose for me to take a definite stand for Principle. Thus far the result of my reading and study had been more or less theory without any manifested proofs of the efficacy of the healing power of divine Science. I had been suffering from biliousness, and for several days had taken no food, not even water. I was told that something must be done. Either I must have help from a Christian Science practitioner, or call in medical aid. Evidently this was the valley of decision: should Principle be strictly adhered to, or should material methods still prevail? Sufficient understanding had been gleaned from Science and Health to make me doubt the efficacy of material means, and then the thought that God is all-power and all-presence helped me to decide. A Christian Science practitioner was telephoned to and absent treatment was given. Within half an hour food was asked for and was given to me, and the next morning I was up and made a trip downtown.

Testimony of Healing
I have great cause for rejoicing, for the many blessings...
April 30, 1921

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