Let Us Follow and Rejoice

Christian Science is not a religion to be lived on Sunday and forgotten during the week. We do not get anything worth while for nothing, and the things worth something are worth striving for. We gain from Christian Science in proportion as we apply it with consecration. If we work spasmodically or half-heartedly, we must not expect marvelous results. If on the other hand we are awake, earnest, joyful, active, and progressive, and use what we have each day to the best of our understanding, Truth unfolds to us and our growth and strength will be increased. Right thinking thus becomes habitual. Going to church and reading the letter of Christian Science will never heal a case or make error less real unless we live our religion in everyday life and demonstrate spiritual understanding.

Much of my time, since beginning the study of Christian Science, has been spent in the country, far from a church or society. Two years ago last winter, four months were spent in a large city. It was a great privilege to visit the large churches and reading rooms. As the time drew near for my return home, a feeling of sadness and regret presented itself. Then I thought of a stanza from one of Mrs. Eddy's hymns:—

Right Living
April 2, 1921

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