At the beginning of my study of Christian Science I remember...

At the beginning of my study of Christian Science I remember reading in one of the Christian Science periodicals of the simple trust of a child in the omnipotence of God. The incident related constrasted the attitude of this child with that of an adult who did not know how to trust. I knew as I read, that that woman's difficulty was my own, that I also did not know how to trust. Material sense argued that one was either born with a trustful thought or one was not, and that if not there was no way out. But I knew there must be a way out and that the power which had brought me to see and acknowledge Christian Science as a healer of the body would show the way of escape from fear. Experience in the endeavor to put into practice what gradually unfolded of the idea of man's unity with God showed that to believe in a lack of trust was simply to believe in a suggestion which never at any time was part of one's self. Viewed in this way, lack of trust was as powerless to prevent demonstration of God's omnipotence either for one's self or others as any other supposition of error. This knowledge came by degrees, but looking back over a stretch of years it is clear that freedom has come in proportion as fear has been proved incapable of making one afraid.

One of the first conditions which Christian Science enabled me to face was that of home and authority. The need of healing was very great and it was only after some strenuous facing up to conditions—such as would have been simply out of the question but for Christian Science—that freedom was won and the fact that the truth blesses all was abundantly proved. Many a time since the period when I first began to look to Christian Science in every difficulty I have experienced the quick manifestation of God's presence in moments of extreme need. I have had help from a Christian Science practitioner time and again while going through what the human mind regards as dangerous and protracted physical conditions, and I have also had instantaneous and overwhelming proof of God's saving presence when no human aid was near. Little by little, through experiences which have often been trying to the last degree to human sense, I have learned how to turn to Principle and watch for the appearing of the Mind that is in the Christ, instead of watching my own thought processes in the attempt to correct them. Christian Science alone could enable one to face this condition of self-mesmerism and come out of it triumphantly. No other experience brings so clear a proof that it is the divine Mind that heals, while it is the human mind with its personal and illusory sense which leads into captivity. With this healing came also freedom from irritability and the continuously unfolding experience of work done happily instead of laboriously.

Testimony of Healing
With thankfulness to God from whom all good comes...
April 2, 1921

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