Many are the blessings which have come to me since I...

Many are the blessings which have come to me since I began to study Christian Science, and I wish to sent my tithe to the storehouse as a small expression of gratitude. In a certain small country village there is a little thatched cottage in which a man and his wife dwell. The world would count them poor, but they are not really so, for they have their Bible and their textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, both of which they dearly love. They would have been happy had it not been for a discordant condition close by, which threatened to destroy the harmony in the cottage and even the inhabitants themselves, and there was much fear. One day I happened to call at the cottage and I left a copy of the Sentinel. A few days later the woman told me of a beautiful article in it called "At 'the ford Jabbok.'" I called her attention to the story of Jacob in Genesis and pointed out what Mrs. Eddy tells us of Jacob on page 308 in our textbook. Then I went home to study the article and my books.

The next morning my maid awoke me and told me that her companion had been ill all night with a very bad throat and could hardly speak, and that help was needed. So clearly did the lessons stand out which had been learned the previous day that the girl was instantaneously healed, as were two other the same morning. When I called on my friend at the cottage I found all fear had disappeared, for she was learning the truth about man. The discordant condition has been entirely overcome and peace and joy abound. This is only one of many experiences where a Christian Science periodical has led to a deeper study of the Bible and of the key which unlocks it, in which key we find Mrs. Eddy's words: "The Bible contains the recipe for all healing" (Science and Health, p. 406). I could tell of much physical healing, of the overcoming of lack of housing, and of labor and educational difficulties overcome, for we have proved that a right understanding of Christian Science does solve the many problems which confront us day by day.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for all the joy and happiness...
February 19, 1921

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