Just One Thing to Heal

The complexity of thought with which the so-called human mind approaches any subject, thinking no doubt that this attitude shows erudition, is that which claims to make the simplicity of Christian Science a great stumbling-block to its comprehension and acceptance. On taking up the study of Christian Science the human mind tries to make something very abstruse out of the metaphysical handling of the subject of healing, presenting such a multiplicity of things to be taken into consideration that it loses sight of the fact that in any case that could possibly be brought for healing—let it be physical or otherwise—the simple truth about it is that there is but one thing to heal, and that is the false beliefs about that specific case. There are two things to be taken into consideration in any condition that is to be healed—the false beliefs about this condition, and the spiritual truth about its opposite which destroys the beliefs. In other words, the spiritual truth is what God knows about the real, while the false beliefs are what the human mind believes about the condition.

And how, asks the human mind, am I to find out what God knows? To which we answer: The Bible and our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy are explicit in telling what God is and what man is, and the manner of proving their unity. God is Spirit, and man in His likeness is spiritual. God is Mind, and man as an idea of that Mind, reflects from it all he needs to know, and as all true knowledge is spiritual, it requires spiritual understanding to comprehend it. How are we to get spiritual understanding? There is but one place where it can be obtained and only one way of obtaining it—from God, and by praying and working for it.

The Sabbath
April 17, 1920

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