Christian Science is known particularly by its fruits

The Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science is known particularly by its fruits. Because, however, the effects of its practice are more apparent than the means used to produce them, Christian Science is popularly believed to be a system of treatment without medicine, quite regardless of the mental condition of the practitioner or the patient. Yet it is demonstrably true that disease is the result of thought and that it can only be healed by changing or eradicating the thought which causes it. In other words, disease, which is an effect, is the product of thought, which is cause; and this is equally true of overt sin, for disease is sin, and sin is disease, whichever way you want to look at it. Hence it follows, since effect cannot be separated from its cause, if you are going to heal disease you must first remove the thought which causes it.

To any one who seriously contemplates Christian Science healing it must be evident that it is holy work and rests upon something higher than the human mind. It is the human mind which seems to be capable of entertaining thoughts whose externalization is sin, sickness, and death, and it is from these very effects that this same mind seeks to be saved. Naturally, then, it turns to something beyond and above itself and finds surcease from its troubles in the realization of the existence of infinite intelligence, incapable of entertaining thoughts which can result in evil. This infinite intelligence is God, or Mind, the Mind which Paul says "was also in Christ Jesus." And it is in the proportion that those who practice Christian Science are conscious of the divine Mind that healing is experienced for themselves and others.

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