What Is a Christian?

One of the interesting propositions that is engaging the world's attention at the moment is the possibility of communication with the planet Mars. Of course speculation about the mental processes of the supposed Martians is a more or less profitless pastime, but for the sake of concrete illustration, let us presume that invention has made it possible for a Martian visitor to land upon this earth. Naturally the larger and fundamental viewpoints of the respective peoples would and the first information sought on both sides and one of the very early questions on the part of the Martian would be, What is meant by the term Christian? Of course he would be told that a Christian is one who believes in Jesus the Christ, and this statement would be amplified by the story of Jesus' earthly career. But this alone would not satisfy the questioner who was seeking to discover why Jesus the Christ has for more than two thousand years been regarded as the Way-shower for millions of people on the earth. The exact import of his message would, of necessity, be demanded.

If one wishes to test his own concept of Christianity, let him mentally answer this hypothetical other-world inquisitor. And can we not imagine that if he put this question, What is a Christian? to many persons in widely separated geographical areas, the bewildered man from Mars might begin to doubt of professing Christians really knew what they professed? If, on the other hand, the question were put to a true metaphysician, as the term is understood in Christian Science, the answer would be instantly forthcoming in terms so concise and convincing that the questioner could not fail to grasp the truth and forthwith acknowledge himself to be also a Christian.

Christian Science as an Asset
December 18, 1920

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