Sometimes we hear of opposition to the Christian Science "organization," as some are pleased to call it, and when we do we are led to wonder if those who object to organization have deeply considered the question, or whether they have been carried along by a mesmeric wave of aggressive suggestion. Organization has a broad lexicographical definition. It is defined as the process of arranging and getting into proper working order. Its purpose is to arrange or dispose of business systematically; it means the putting together of the parts of an aggregate body for work or action. It is also intended to bring out unity of action and purpose, cooperation, the carrying out of a common purpose, adhesion and cohesion rather than disjointed and irregular effort.

Viewed in the light of such definitions the divine plan is the very height of organization. The stellar universe is a striking example of cooperation. Each planet, while acting within its own orbit and having its individual functions to perform, is nevertheless dependent upon its fellow planets for its full expression and must move in cooperation with them. If it were possible for a planet to separate itself from the whole, it would at once fly off at a tangent and be brought to speedy destruction. The stellar system is both unitary and complex. Without the individual planet there could be no aggregation of planets.

May 19, 1917

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