For many years Christian Science and its representatives have been very much talked about by other Christian believers, and not a little that has been said of both has been so gratuitously distorted that it would have been far better for the reputation of Christian people as a whole if the exhibition had not been opened to the public. One can but be saddened by the fact that into the pure and noble stream of advancing Christian thought, so splendidly pictured by the Messianic prophets as pouring its healing waters through the centuries, there should have been injected these uncanny products of prejudice.

One end, however, has been subserved by the bitter religious antagonism which Christian Science has been called upon to meet, namely, it has certainly proved the inherent vitality and worth of a teaching which, in the face of such a tide of mental resistance and misrepresentation, could move steadily on to great and lasting achivements for good. To-day there is a noticeable turn in this tide of misjudgment, and Christian Scientists have occasion to rejoice in the ever-increasing acceptance, by both Christian and non-Christian writers, of their distinctive teaching that all who affirm their loyalty to Christ Jesus, and who accept as true the Gospel narrative of his works of healing, together with his commands respecting their continuance, thereby place themselves under obligation to do these works, in proof of the consistency and effectiveness of their faith.

April 11, 1908

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