We are informed that "each self has a distinct state of...

New York Advertiser-Gazette

We are informed that "each self has a distinct state of consciousness," and that "each human being is thus an individual with two distinct phases of existence." If it be supposed that "each self" is as real as the other, using the word "real" in its metaphysical sense to mean that which is eternal and indestructible, then Christian Science is unalterably opposed to such teaching. There can be but one real individual, any other being a pretence or belief of self.

That our critic has not grasped the vital distinction made by Mrs. Eddy between the term "Mind" used as a synonym for God and "mind" used by her as equivalent to the general human consciousness, appears from his reference to a supposed "contradiction" in her use of the word mind. If he will scan her works closely he will find the distinction carefully defined and scrupulously indicated by capitalizing the term Mind when synonymous with God. Thus when Mrs. Eddy refers to matter as a product of mind, she means by the latter the carnal mind of which St. Paul speaks. Has any one ever defined matter more satisfactorily? Can a definition of matter be given except in terms of mind?

September 24, 1904

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