An Experience on Shipboard

On the last day of my homeward journey to England, I want to express the thankfulness I feel for all the good which has come to me. Especially am I grateful for the conquest over seasickness that followed a gale in which we found ourselves last Sunday night, resulting in a swell on the succeeding day. I am particularly glad because I had the consciousness during my outward voyage, although I worked mentally as best I knew how, that this trouble was not entirely conquered in a manner satisfactory to myself. This time I felt that the whole difficulty must be overcome by the understanding of Truth as revealed through Science and Health, and through this alone.

Then there came a temptation to let the error, which did not appear at once to yield, hold sway and simply to know that God was my Life, and that it did not matter if I could not eat during the voyage, that I would be all right. I saw, however, that in doing so I was but yielding to an impulse of the weakness of mortal mind, and not reflecting the activity of immortal Mind; that I was not holding aloft the unsullied banner of Truth, and that right here and now was the truth which would free me. In the deepest earnestness I prayed that the whole claim of the mental causation might be uncovered to me, for I knew that thus only could the error be effectually met. Clearly and distinctly stood out the word "fear," with all its claim to weakness. I looked at its shadowy pretensions, analyzed it, measured and weighed it against the perfect Love which "casteth out fear," saw its nothingness through the searchlight of truth which reveals God, and man as His reflection.

The Dawning Day
December 31, 1904

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