It should be understood that it is the law of God operating...

Maple Rapids (Mich.) Dispatch

It should be understood that it is the law of God operating in the human consciousness that destroys disease. This law acts through the human prayer that recognizes and knows the action and healing efficacy of this divine, spiritual force. As the cleanest and most transparent glass admits the most sunlight, so the prayer of the purest, most Christ consecrated, spiritual thought admits most of divine truth, to all within the receptive radius of prayer.

The prayer that denies the Christ healing for this day, cannot heal any more than the denial of the science of mathematics can solve or explain its problems. "But whosoever shall deny me [the Christ law of health and holiness] before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." In other words, whoever denies the Christ healing before men, is denied this healing in his prayer before God. Few, but not many at this day, deny that Christian Science heals. Whoever reads the weekly and monthly periodicals published by The Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston, will find such numerous testimonies from men and women of every walk of life, including ministers, physicians, lawyers, and scholars of every profession, giving full particulars of time and circumstances, with names and addresses, that they cannot fail to accept the testimony as essentially true. These testimonies come from all parts of the globe, and in constantly increasing numbers. Whoever attends the Wednesday evening meetings of this denomination in our large cities, or even in the small ones, will not only be impressed with the sincerity and truthfulness of the statements of healing given, but he will be convinced by ocular and conclusive evidence of the truth of the facts stated. He will also discover that this healing embraces every known form of disease as well as sin. If he mingles with Christian Scientists to any extent, he will find them and their families quite as happy and healthy as those of any other denomination, although many of them have been recruited from the ranks of invalidism, and often from hopeless despondency and despair.

October 8, 1904

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