A critic maintains that pain and disease "have a basis...

Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin.

A critic maintains that pain and disease "have a basis tremendously real." The Christian Scientist has discovered by actual experience that a protest against the reality of disease or its right to power and place, is a valuable aid toward achieving that harmonious estate for which the human race is eagerly reaching out. Let those who will, continue to insist. with fatal persistence, that sin and disease are real and indestructible. He who has proved somewhat the good effects of an opposite mental process will not be deprived of those benefits. Jesus said, "the flesh profiteth nothing," and Paul declared "henceforth know we no man after the flesh." The denial of the reality of sinful flesh, is not, as the critic says, a blow "at the very root of Christianity," but is rather confirmatory of Jesus' teaching. He said that his mission was to destroy the works of the devil. A good part of his time was taken up in destroying disease, and we cannot escape the deduction that disease was the work of the devil and therefore worthy of destruction. Then Christian Science can but be true when it insists on adopting Jesus' attitude toward disease.

Willard S. Mattox.Norwich (Conn.) Bulletin.

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