The Religion of the Infidel

REV. DR. DONALD, rector of Trinity Church, Boston, in an address delivered before the Episcopal Congress, asked the question: "Is Christian Science leading men out of the darkness of unbelief into the light of God?" and answered, "Yes, it is; there can be no doubt about that."

What a revelation even in this enlightened age of intellectualism! ! Does Dr. Donald realize what a great Truth he utters? Think of the great sensation, if every minister of the Gospel would search for this Truth and then preach the result to his following.

As one who came from an orthodox faith in a personal God through all stages of beliefs, and who was an arch infidel as extreme as Voltaire, Feuerbach, and Paine, groping in the darkness for thirty years, deep down in materialism, worshiping the text-books of every known philosophy, I am most happy to record in the Sentinel that I find in Christian Science the Truth that makes us free. It is the only religion which reclaims the infidel, holds him fast because he learns of God what he formerly rejected; because he learns that Love is not an idle dream; because he knows that man is spiritual, not material, hence, a reflection of God, and not of clay or dust.

Testimony of Healing
From Invalidism to a Life of Usefulness
May 9, 1901

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