How to Overcome Error

ONE of the most subtle errors that forces itself into human experience is that of first listening to a suggestion of something wrong and then saying, "Oh, it's nothing!" without proving its nothingness, through the immediate supplanting of the suggestion of error by the statement of Truth, when the error must and will disappear. This I have learned through the most bitter experience.

The absolute power of Truth over error was proved to me, when in defiance of all material laws and evidence of the senses, a complete restoration of harmony in a home was effected by silently declaring the omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence of Love. The most abject poverty, and mental agony, with threatened desertion, had to be overcome; a separation of husband and wife seemed imminent, and to human sense no power existed strong enough to restore harmony; but, thank God! through the prayer of Christian Science, the very walls that had grown dark and that echoed only discord, have been beautified and transformed into reflectors of love. Laughter resounds throughout the house, happy faces surround the table, eager footsteps hurry home after the day's work to find rest and peace in the conscious presence of God.

Some had Ears to Hear
May 9, 1901

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