Why Christian Science Appeals to Me

Christian Science appeals to us, because of the buoyancy of its hope and the certainty of its tone, in such contrast to the dreary verdicts of physicians and our own fears. It is the little song of joy and triumph, rippling in and out its measures, that catches the ear and holds the heart.

Where can we go for comfort, peace, and happiness save to God? How can we be satisfied except as His likeness? All the dreams of mortal existence yield, one by one, to the facts of Being. Sometimes sorrow is the means of bringing us into better understanding of the joy of Life eternal, here and now. When sorrow comes to the one who is depending upon God, Spirit, for light, the Comforter is at hand, "a very present help in trouble." Formerly, we thought that time alone assuaged grief, but with this new-old understanding, we find that the Comforter is already with us, we do not have to wait for years to accomplish the work, but at the time when most in need of it, we have solace, peace, and the understanding of what Life is, is not denied His children.

Testimony of Healing
Demonstrations of the Power of Truth
November 8, 1900

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