For God Alone

The spirit of the martyr is needed if one would fulfil his God-appointed mission. Nothing could cause the martyrs to forswear allegiance to their God. More than anything else, more than all else, was their Father's commendation,—the "well done, good and faithful servant." All was sacrificed that they might gain this divine recognition. Like other mortals, they longed for human sympathy and human commendation, but instead of these they suffered persecution because they dared be faithful to their high sense of Truth and right.

While they earnestly desired to impart the knowledge of the true God which would bless universal humanity as it had blessed them, and while they labored faithfully to that end, yet they realized that in all their endeavors they were working for God alone. To Him, and to Him only, were they accountable. He was their Judge, and by Him they knew they would be rewarded according to the measure of their faithfulness. So clearly did they realize that they were working for God, and that they would be judged according to God's standard, and not according to man's that they shrank not from the world's condemnation.

Semi-annual Meeting of First Members
November 8, 1900

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