Why Men Should Testify

A Characteristic feature of Christian Science meetings which visitors from other churches are quick to remark, is the unusually large proportion of men in attendance. The mere presence of men in unusual numbers at our meetings is impressive to inquirers, especially as so much is said about Christian Science being a woman's religion, but the men should be more than dumb witnesses for Truth; they should share more equitably in the privileges of the Wednesday evening meetings than they do, and the women no doubt would gladly yield larger space on the "floor" to them.

We do not hesitate to declare that Christian Science has done more lasting good among men, in redeeming them from sin and vicious appetites, in healing their diseases and by helping them in business than any other system of theology, philosophy, or medicine. Men are looking into Christian Science now more than they ever have in the past, and they go to the Wednesday evening meetings hoping to hear men speak, because, to their sense, the trials and temptations of men are peculiar. They think that it is easy for women to live up to the Christian standard, but feel sure that it is next to impossible for a man to do it. They are sick of the deceit, selfishness, and vulgarity of the worldly life, and are eager for something better, but hardly dare hope to find it. Perhaps they have heard that Christian Science gives men strength to overcome the temptations of men, and wish to hear what men have to say about it. If they go to a Wednesday evening meeting and see a lot of intelligent men present, and hear testimonials almost exclusively from women, they may go away discouraged. Christian Science men should see that something is said that will meet the needs of such inquirers.

Dawn of Truth
July 27, 1899

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