Some Things Learned from Christian Science Practice

A lady came to me one evening after our Wednesday evening meeting, asking me to come to see her mother, a lady over eighty-five years of age, whom the physician had failed to help. He had pronounced her case to be incurable, declaring she had an inward tumor which pressed upon some nerve and prevented her walking, also she was unable to eat without great distress, and was in a pitiable condition mentally, being in constant fear of death. Her son dismissed the physician, telling him that as he did her no good, they had decided to try Christian Science treatment. Now this honest turning to Truth in the hour of need, fearing not the reproach of the world, which seeks to hold us still in bondage to material sense, is sure of a reward. Hence this aged lady improved wonderfully from the very first. Strength and appetite returned, and she was greatly uplifted mentally, no longer afraid she would die, and, filled with the "Love which passeth knowledge," she rejoiced in a new sense of life and freedom. At the end of the fifth day of treatment she called my attention to the fact that she could no longer find any evidence of a tumor, and in a week's time was about the house, making herself useful in many ways. A few days later her former physician called to see how she was, and she gave grateful acknowledgment of the help she had received from Christian Science treatment. This physician had said that when he could see a case of sickness healed by the Science, and be sure it was genuine, he was ready to lay down drugs and become a Christian Scientist. It may be that in this way Truth is leading him onward, and thus is inviting him to "come up higher." The honest acknowledgment of benefit received and the desire to pay for it, as far as the sacrifice of materiality could do, were pleasing in this case, showing the preparation of an honest heart which is so necessary in order to gain true healing.

Another case of a teacher in the public schools was brought to my notice. She had been reading Science and Health for some years and had always thought of it and read it as "Mrs. Eddy's opinion," which she, being of an argumentative turn, questioned, and reasoned, and struggled over, not having a Scientist to tell her difficulties to. Finally she became worn and in a greatly debilitated condition, and hearing of my being in the place, laid her case before me for treatment. I read and talked with her, saw her difficulty, and endeavored to show her the better way while giving her treatment, but after some days found that the case was, as described by our dear Leader in "The Way" (Miscellaneous Writings), "Chronic ebbing and flowing." Then I realized that I must uncover the error for her, and cause her to see where she stood. I told her that Science and Health was not Mrs. Eddy's opinion, but was God's revelation of Truth which heals, to this age, and that she was His chosen one to give to the world, and that she, my patient, was keeping herself from receiving the benefit of Truth by holding this error in thought. She at once saw the Truth and dropped the error, and was healed without delay, remaining well and joyful ever since. I have since found others in the same condition of mental darkness, and suffering physically in consequence.—Stella F. Sabin, Hoopeston, Ill.

From Germany
April 20, 1899

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