To constantly absorb the good things that appear with each...

To constantly absorb the good things that appear with each issue of our Journal and Sentinel, and give nothing in return, is not consistent with our teachings, so I want to give this little tithe from my storehouse.

If there is any one class of unfortunates (according to sense testimony) that ought to be more grateful than another for the blessed revelations of Christian Science, it is that one which finds their "teeth set on edge" because their parents, their parents' parents, or some other progenitor betwixt them and Adam, have "eaten sour grapes." And of this class, those that mortal mind condemns to die quickly are to be envied when compared with the nervous prostration sort, that grow fat suffering torture. The isms and ologies are all very glib with their various explanations of the whys and wherefores, but not one of them could controvert the laws of heredity or set up a defense against them, until it was revealed to our dear Mother, who our true Father and Mother are, and what Jesus meant when he said, "Call no man Father." Who but those who have participated in the "new birth," wherein we learn that instead of being heirs to sin, sickness, and death, we are "joint heirs with Christ," and that our only ancestry is Life, Truth, and Love, can appreciate the burden that is lifted, when this great fact is unfolded as a reality in consciousness?

Testimony of Healing
We send to you a sketch of the work in Lima, Ohio,...
February 9, 1899

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