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Eye on the World

What’s in the news—and how might you pray about it? Sentinel editors share prayerful insights into news stories from around the world, and provide links to related articles on JSH-Online.

Eye on the world: Removing corruption from government

Prayer that recognizes that the governing Principle, God, intervenes on behalf of righteous government.

Eye on the world: Humanity in Syria

Our prayers for peace in Syria can bring healing to all humanity.

Eye on the world: Advocating for children

Our prayers—recognizing the governing presence of divine Love, God—advocate for all mankind as the beloved children of God.

Eye on the world: Ending modern slavery

God is not the author of enslavement, and our prayers can help end the bondage of modern slavery.

Eye on the world: A helping hand

God has endowed the whole of His creation with the capacity to do good and help others—proving the ever-presence of divine Love.

Eye on the world: Healing a nation

Healing a community, nation, and the world starts with each individual knowing and expressing divine Love.

Eye on the world: Coming together for peace

Mankind is unified by divine Love, which moves man to know the peace of God’s creation.

Eye on the world: Freedom from captivity and stigma

Divine Love guards and maintains man’s high estate as an innocent and pure child of God.

Eye on the world: Mentoring youth

As children of God, we are each endowed with the guidance and nurturing we need from divine Love.

Eye on the world: Home for all

The resources of the divine economy supply every human need, including a home for all.